The Elf Brigade

Opens 11/25/2022!

As an elf you have dreamed of one day being one of the most elite elves, one of the elves in the Christmas Brigade. As luck would have it, Santa has just announced tryouts to join this elite group of elves! Now is your chance to put your skills to the test!

Difficulty – /5
Lighting – Full/Bright

This 60 minute lighthearted seasonal game will only run through the winter season, so be sure to enjoy it while you still can.


Room 1306

Welcome to the Pleasant City Hotel. After the fire of 1953 and the complete loss of the 13th floor, the Pleasant City Hotel has opened its doors once again. While normally a friendly and quiet hotel, some guest staying on the 12th floor claim to hear strange noises above them. Today is yet another anniversary of that tragic fire. As we send you to the 12th floor of this grand hotel, we must warn you, some guest never make it to their rooms and some never make it back down. We hope you can help us discover what is causing these strange events before more guest disappear.

Difficulty – 4.5/5
Lighting – Low/Dim

This room is not meant to be scary but it is creepy and dimly lit. The room is great for all levels of players and features a mixture of standard locks and electronics.




Now Open!

The London based notorious detective has disappeared. His house at 221b Baker Street is empty. Metropolitan Police is overwhelmed; many cases remain unresolved because of Sherlock’s absence. Decrypt all the hidden messages in his office and find where Sherlock is. What happens when the victim of the greatest case in the world is its greatest detective?

Difficulty – /5
Lighting – Medium/Semi bright

This room is challenging and requires out of the box thinking and good teamwork to complete. It is recommended for experienced players. This room uses a mix of electronics and standard locks.




The Abandoned Orphanage

For weeks now you have been awoken by a dream that you cannot explain. Suddenly one evening while driving by the old orphanage, you get the feeling of déjà vu. Trying to remember a story told to you long ago about a distant relative – Bobby Jo, who was sent to live there. Whatever happened to Bobby Jo? Are you brave enough to explore the secrets of the past and uncover the true story of the Abandoned Orphanage?

Difficulty – 4.3/5
Lighting – Low/Dim

This room is not meant to be scary but it is creepy and dimly lit. The room is great for all levels of players and features a mixture of standard locks and electronics.




Mystery At The Museum

In 1929, the curator of The Watley Museum, Andrew Wentworth led an excavation in the deserts of Egypt. There in The Valley of Kings, he discovered a series of tombs containing hundreds of treasures dating back thousands of years. Now, nearly 90 years later, these priceless artifacts have been gathered together for this magnificent exhibit. As the staff at The Watley Museum prepares the treasures for display, you and your group have been invited to a behind the scenes tour of the basement research facilities at The Watley. You’ve always wanted to explore the basement of the museum, but as the tour begins the doors lock behind you. You have 60 minutes to solve the mystery at the museum and find your way out!

Difficulty – 4.7/5
Lighting – Full/Bright

A great room with a little something for everyone. Escaping the curse can be difficult, but always fun as you work your way through an excellent mixture of puzzles featuring a bit more technology than some others but still mixed with standard locks.





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