The Western Saloon

In this experience it is up to your team to save not only your own lives but to save Jedediah. He has been captured by the Boone Hodges gang and they are planning to execute him as soon as Boone arrives. If you are caught trying to save Jedediah you will be executed as well. You have 60 minutes to free Jedediah and escape the back room of the western saloon before the gang returns with their leader Boone Hodges.


The Conspiracy

A well known conspiracy nut has disappeared without a trace. You have been hired by his family to help locate his whereabouts because the police will not take them seriously. You were allowed into his apartment to search for clues. You have 60 minutes to find the clues that will lead you to his location and find a way out of the room or you may suffer the same fate as him.

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